Is it worth going for Medical Students to Russian colleges

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Hi students, Mohit Saxena here; I am senior faculty for physics for NEET today. We will discuss the important topic for medical students that is to go Russian colleges or go for other options, is it worth going to Russian colleges, Nope. It’s definitely not worth it, and it is based on feedback from 15 students who studied there and already studying.

So, for any Indian student wishing to pursue MBBS/MD in Russia, the road is definitely not easy and straightforward. You have to get in touch with various agencies who in turn demand at least 2–3 lakhs extra fee to get you admitted into colleges Not sure whether they cover the cost of your visa and airfare, but it’s still a very large amount for absolutely nothing. Most of these agencies mislead students, give them partial information and leave them stranded in a foreign country. I am not saying all are fraud, but this easy money put many of them in a corrupt state of mind.

Now when these students come to know of the amount of money they have been duped of, naturally, they try to look for methods to recover the same and very soon become agents for their respective universities. Often you will see such people/students advertising their mobile number everywhere on all social media you these numbers, and the first try to act super friendly and try to get them admitted in their or some other university within Russia & ask for an amount of fee for the same job. Maybe they even earn some commission? Such students turn into part-time entrepreneurs in order to earn money. You can check many agents are ex-students of Russian colleges, and I cannot name any buy there are many.

In Russia or any other random foreign country, a student is always financially distressed. The reason for this is easy access to nightclubs and several other places of enjoyment like clubs and bars, It’s an open country, and people do get a lot of independence even in remote areas. I am a teacher and know very well students get trapped in these activities easily; Students tend to spend money on absolutely bad activities. For those with a weaker budget, eating outside is simply impossible; you will end up spending a hell of a lot of amounts. Basic commodities are much more expensive in Russia/Ukraine. In short, a student needs to be super focused and should have a decent monthly budget to survive in the country.

The course is never entirely in English. For example in India mainly delivery is in English and mix of local vernacular language, please beware of people who passes you wrong information. The primary language of instruction in Russian universities is always Russian. The secondary language (if available) might be English, but at some point or the other, you WILL be taught in Russian. During the clinical internship, you will be required to have a sound knowledge of Russian in order to interact with patients. In Russia/Ukraine, emphasis is always given to their local language, i.e., Russian/Ukrainian. Most of the time, you will be taught in English for the first three years, and for the remainder of the course, Russian will be the primary language of instruction. Absolutely NO university is an exception to this fact. They do teach Russian as a subject since the first year, but it’s not an easy language. You are bound to struggle eventually.

Indian students do not enjoy a fantastic reputation in Russia/Ukraine.

The credit for this goes to earlier students in these colleges, who were not into studies and you can consider dumb in comparison to talented local students, Even today, a very high percentage of students studying in Russia is low scoring stupids, Some of these people don’t even deserve to be in a medical school in any part of the world. Naturally, the professors tend to have a fixed outlook towards Indian students. Here comes the main problem discrimination on the basis of your country, believe me, lots of students complain about the same that professors say that Indian students are rich/spoiled/stupid and away from academics, not all prof are bad and even not all Indian students are like this but this problem makes you unhappy and add struggle in daily life.

We are choosing colleges WISELY.

Not every college/university in Russia or Ukraine happens to be top of the class. Almost 80–90% of these universities do not get decent patient inflow and are B Grade universities. Even a lot of A-Grade colleges are not that good. Only a few reputed universities are decent enough. On the basis of current students feedback, Three of these are:

  1. I.M. Sechenov (Moscow)
  2. People Friendship University (Moscow)
  3. I.P. Pavlov (St. Petersburg)

All of the above-mentioned universities have a hefty fee package too.

No offense to anyone, but the rest all of them are downright garbage. Crimea Federal University used to be good at a time, but ever since the annexation of Crimea, even that university has suffered a huge blow.

DO NOT fall for Kazan, Dagestan, Smolensk, Orel, Bashkir, Tver etc. They are not reputed enough. The only reputed universities in Russia are the three which I mentioned above. By skipping these random universities, you will save yourself a lot of time and even a decent amount of money.

Most of the population of Russia lives in Moscow & St. Petersburg. Naturally, these cities are FAR better than a village-like Smolensk.

A common myth is that you get international quality of education in Russia and not in India. Trust me, medical education in India is certainly better than in Russia. You get a lot of exposure in India, whereas, in Russia, that is not the case. You will get to see a lot of seminars and conferences in decent colleges, though you can get the same in India too! As far as I know, most of the important seminars at AIIMS are open to the general public too.

The first-year subjects in Russia include the History of the Russian Federation, history of leftist Economics, leftist view of every aspect of life, and basic physics.

Thought you got enough of Physics? Don’t worry; you’ll study a bit more of it in Russia. I don’t intend to discourage anyone; however, just keep a check on your expectations for the first year. Unlike Indian medical colleges, you won’t be directly exposed to the field of pure medicine. Also, the duration of the course is actually EIGHT YEARS if you plan to return to India. 5 YEARS OF STUDY + 1 YEAR INTERNSHIP + 2 YEARS POSTING IN INDIA. You won’t get paid for the two years of posting.

When you come back to India, you will face several taunts. Nobody considers a Russian Medical Graduate to be an intellectual. Better try for USMLE/PLAB but did I tell you that even in the USA, you won’t have much of a reputation?

In short, you WILL BE SCREWED for the entirety of your life.

Everyone makes it look like it is a path full of roses, whereas, in reality, it is nothing but a road lined with hurdles and dejection, which is meant only for the bravest souls out there. If you still feel like taking admission in Russia and Ukraine, please keep these things in mind:

1: Do not fall for agents at the first go. Take your time, do some research, and DO Email the universities to which you plan to go. Mail them on all possible Email IDs, and if you still don’t get a response, please call their international admissions center. The call will be costly, but at least it will be better than getting duped of lakhs of rupees.

2: Do not believe in overtly friendly FMGs and Russian students who are studying medicine. Nobody gives off their mobile number that easily on Quora or YouTube. Use your brain and be your own judge. You don’t want to end up joining them, do you?

3: Often, the universities have to tie up with the agencies they prefer. At the most, these agencies will charge 1–1.2 lakh rupees for your visa, invitation, and air ticket + hotel stay. A far better option than Indian ones, which are hell bound on charging an exorbitant sum of money from students. Contact those agencies first, then resort to others as a secondary option.

4: Please don’t go for random Russian universities just because they charge low fees. Often these universities are absolute garbage.


6: If you are taking admission, then make your mind to get access to the online medical prep course of India so that you remain at par with Indian prep for pg medical.

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