Taking drop for NEET exams

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 “ Next is never the best if you abandon the first.”

Dear friends in this blog i will discuss my points on taking drop for NEET exams ,yes ,I agree, it is worth taking a drop for NEET to secure a seat in govt college MBBS.

Advantages of Taking a Drop for NEET

  • Working religiously for a whole year without having to worry about school tests, board exams, board results, gives you confidence and time to better than your previous attempt.
  • With better planning and time, you can revise whatever is taught in the coaching classes on the same day, so that enhances retention of learning. You can plan the whole day according to you. Remember that regular study and ample time is the key to achieve what you are aiming for.
  • In a drop year, you get sufficient time to practice questions, analyse your study pattern, and correct it. This year 2021, the majority of selected students were droppers. Another thing that goes in the favour of students who take a drop year for preparation is that you are well introduced to the exam and hence you know you strengths and weaknesses.

  • Gain in marks will depend upon your range, lets say you scored 380 in your last attempt. You can gain a 200 this time. I have seen many students doing so, one of the student scored 380 in NEET, Biology 270, Chemistry 70, and Physics 40. I asked what was the reason for it, she told me she gave max study time to biology and gave 80 minutes to biology in NEET EXAM. I asked her, “can u tell your three mistakes”

                She said:

  1. I focussed on biology which was wrong, I should have given equal weightage to all specially because my botany and physics were weak.
  2. I didn’t go through and solve a good problem or theory book in physics, I am good in maths but at some point I relied on formula only.
  3. I should have attempted more full length tests on pattern of NEET, attempting biology in 80 minutes threw me out of fight for seat in NEET

Now, here is my point if you know your mistakes you are a fighter with new armour, she scored 641 in next attempt and secured seat in top college of Gujarat.

  • See point is like if you are hardworking and good believer in yourself then a right mentor can take you to desired result.
  • Also, whether you succed or don’t succed, a drop year teaches you a lot. In My experience, dropping an year will teach you that hard work can beat everything and you will have better view of life .

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” 

  • Dark Sides of Taking a Drop for NEET and the Solutions

You must have heard , Life is not a bed of roses aapne suna hoga zindagi imtihaan leti hai….and same is the case with a drop. There is also a dark side to dropping which many aspirants fail to realise and then repent their decision . So it is better to aware about dark side of drop year , I am a teacher with 20 year experience and I will share darks of the drop year

  • Only taking a drop does not guarantee you a selection – it will be your life changing year ,it demands rigour and planning ,you have to cover syllabus of two year in one year, choose wisely your coaching and mentor only joining big coaching will not help you go for good mentors with small batch and try to focus on self study.

“As soon as you trust yourself you will know how to succeed”

  • You will feel low for dropping numerous times throughout the year – Taking a drop is not as easy as it looks , it is tough for you mentally, physically and emotionally. You would often find your friends studying and enjoying in their colleges, many time you will think private college was better option ,I could join BDS or MBBS from some Russian college . My advice– Stay away from social media(100 percent cutoff) , be in touch with your friends who motivate you and believer in you, start day with good thoughts and light music ,stay away from negative people ,this is tapasya it will give you fruit when it is done like tapasya.

   “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”

.Performance in tests- sometime when you score low in test you feels low and loose confidence don’t take test like a judge take it as friend who is telling your weak areas and motivating you to win war not battle, if topper is scoring 680 in test and in the same you are scoring 480 then check where you are doing bad and like tortoise move slowly and steadily ,learn from each test and try to minimise gap and in the final lap give your whole energy.

                                “Be unique. Be vigilant. Be confident. Be proud.” 

I tried to put things in simple way I have guided many droppers students those who achieved success by hard work and self belief. It is a beautiful journey if you you go with planning and hardwork.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it ‘’

I am ready to be your friend and motivator for the journey you can connect me on my mail meetmohit7@gmail.com or 8866330808

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