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In today’s world, the most critical time in any student’s life is after clearing the class 10th. The time when every student has to make the most crucial decision of their lives, that is, the selection of the stream for their 12th. As it will help them decide their future course of action towards achieving their aim in professional life. Many students go with science and maths every year in the hopes of becoming top-notch engineers and doctors. Now here the coaching institutes come into play. Let’s ask why do we need coaching institutes if there already are schools? There are so many reasons, and these reasons also change from student to student.

The first and foremost reason is the schools are multifaceted. They have so many other subjects and personality aspects to focus on that they fail to deliver the streamlined approach needed to clear examinations like NEET and IIT JEE. At the same time, the coaching institutes provide you with structured guidance and methodology to crack these exams.

So how can you choose the best out of hundreds of coaching institutes that don’t shy away calling themselves the best in the business? How will you get the best from the rest?

There are a number of coaching institutes all over the country for every competitive exam. The numbers are so prominent in some cities that they are called hubs. These all coaching institutes pull out all the advertising gimmicks there are in the book just to project how they are the best, but rarely do these advertisements show the actual pictures.

This article is for you to help you select the best coaching for your career.

Actual picture of the past results

Past results of the competitive exams of any institute tell us about the experience that the institute holds. Experience matters when it comes to providing guidance. To know the actual worth of any coaching institute, gather data about its past results. How many students have enrolled in their courses in the past, the number of selections in the past years, the number of students having rank under 1000 or 500. Get all this information about institutes, and for this, you can contact them directly but do not trust them blindly as they tend to cook their books to show fake results. Go around asking some of its old students and their parents. Get on the internet and decide which coaching institutes clear this crucial point.

Faculty and their experience

No matter how big the buildings are or how large the coaching’s faculty pool is. The thing that matters the most is the faculty’s competence. How well do they understand the need of students and the ever-changing pattern of exams? Check the faculty’s educational background before enrolling into any institute and the duration for which they have been teaching for the same exam.

Test series

As exams such as IIT JEE or NEET are conducted on all India levels, the preparation needs to be on that level too. An effective coaching institute is one that provides a number of test series for students to know their all India rank in their preparation phase and can mend their strategy according to the need. Solving many test series in a time-bound manner and getting ranked amongst lakhs of students can help you ace your D-Day.

Study material

Another aspect that one should consider before selecting any coaching institute is their study material. The faculty and institute play a significant role, but study material stays with the aspirant 24/7. A well elaborated and explained study material with a decent number of questions can prove to be most helpful to any aspirant struggling with a concept at 11 pm.

Fee structure

The fee structure of any institute can have many fronts. An emerging institute can have lesser fees because they are establishing themselves in the market, whereas a well-established institute can have payments on the higher side of the scale. These institutes provide scholarships and concessions for deserving students. Conducting exams and providing a percentage of fees as scholarships can help students to join their preferred institute. Go ahead and enquire about all the discounts and scholarships available at the coaching centre.

Distance to the institute

Another factor that one should consider before selecting any institute is the physical distance between the centre and the place you would live. You don’t want to waste a significant time of your day travelling between distances. Getting admission to an institute that is in close proximity to your place can save a considerable amount of your day that you can use for self-study.

 Personal counselling for students

We all know how cutthroat competitive exams are nowadays. Preparing for an all-India level exam at such a tender age comes with its challenges. Students coming from different backgrounds and sections of society handle the stress in different ways. Being with them and understanding their plight can help many students sail through the tough times easier. A coaching institute that provides effective one-on-one personal counselling can help you overcome the stress and self-doubts along the way.

A nice score is essential for any IIT JEE or NEET aspirants to get to India’s top colleges. Conquering self-study for competitive exams and class 12th boards together is not an easy task. Be very aware of your strengths and weaknesses and make a plan accordingly. Taking any coaching class helps in your preparation because you need it, there is nothing wrong. Do a survey, get on the web, ask around. Now you have all the ammunition in your arsenal to select the best coaching centre out of the jungle of coaching institutes. Go and win it! Because The Godfather has said, “great men are not born great, they grow great.”

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