Tips for tackling JEE mains 2022

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With the beginning of 2022 comes JEE 2022. A new year and new opportunity for anyone aiming to study at India’s top engineering colleges and work as one of the finest engineers in the industry.
With a syllabus similar to the last year’s, JEE 2022 can prove as a gateway to one of the most pleasing career choices one can make. Conducted every year, JEE mains 2022 will be
conducted in four phases in February, March, April, and May, and solely based on the best
performance in JEE mains, the decision of whether or not you will be writing JEE advance
2022 will be taken. Hence the importance of JEE mains 2022 comes into play.
This exam demands perseverance, persistence, and an overall good understanding of
oneself. In this article, we will share some of the strategies from our faculties at A2Zphysics
Ahmedabad to help you effectively prepare for JEE mains 2022.
Your present performance status.
Now considering that JEE main 2022 is just around the corner, one must effectively analyse
where they are standing in terms of the preparation. Whether you have taken any course
from a coaching institute or not, whether you are preparing for JEE mains 2022 with your
class 12th boards exam or not will change your preparation scenario significantly.
Analyse your shortcoming and your vital topics from the mock tests you have given, as they
will help you streamline your revision from here on.
Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses regarding the syllabus to plan your path from
here on.
Your present status will guide you effectively to make the best personalised strategy for the
coming months.
Strengthening your strong areas
As you finish with a thorough analysis of your preparation state, now is the time to perfect
your solid areas for the coming JEE mains 2022.
Create a timeline for your complete revision of the topics you already feel confident in, as
they will help you fetch sure shot marks and also boost your confidence for the journey
Give yourself an exact date to cover this entire revision and firmly adhere to it. Solve
questions on these topics to increase your efficiency and to hone your time management
Your improved time management from these mock tests will significantly help you during
your D day.
Previous year question papers and their analyses
Previous year papers of any examination play a vital role while preparing for the same. The
same goes with JEE mains 2022.
Any serious aspirant must analyse the previous year’s papers to understand what kind of
questions the exam asks.
The topics that come so frequently in the last few years are the ones that have the most
probability of coming this year too.
To boost your confidence, just see how JEE main questions are a beauty in themselves.
They may look like a confusing puzzle, but when you understand the logic behind them, you
will realise the solution is just a few lines long.
Once you analyse these trends and solve many questions on your own, you will gain
tremendous confidence.
Solve many mock papers
After all this, comes the final straw. SOLVE AS MANY MOCK PAPERS AS YOU CAN. This
is one aspect that will increase your chances of selections to many folds if done right as
there are four attempts for JEE mains 2022 but do not be too comfortable with this thought
as the first attempt is your best attempt.
There isn’t a huge time difference between the four attempts; your first attempt will only set
up a benchmark of the coming attempts. If done right, your first attempt will give you ample
time for preparation for JEE advance 2022, and you will face less pressure during your
boards exams.
Solve mock papers section-wise and full. They will tell you exactly which topics you need to
focus more on and on which topics you are comfortable with.
The questions you get stuck on during your mock tests, make sure to cover them religiously
and clear all of your doubts regarding them.
Try to maintain a 70 percent score across your mock tests and only improve. A seventy
percent score will fetch you 99 percentile in JEE mains 2022 and pave your way clear for
JEE advance 2022.
Some other important tips
Our faculty Mr. Mohit Saxena advises you to go through the above points but to not ignore
some small things too in your preparation which can make a more significant difference.
Make a routine for yourself.
Solve questions and revise, but do not forget to take a rest in between because only a well
rested mind can be efficient.
Focus on quality studies and not on how many hours you are studying. JEE mains 2022 is
an exam which tests your knowledge in subjects, but not too deep of that knowledge. Make
sure not to leave any topic behind.
Many times questions come from very basic information from so many topics, and one can
easily attempt them if they have covered that topic.
Make realistic and approachable goals, and treat yourself when you achieve them. In this
way, you will stay motivated for the long run.
As they say, the JEE exam is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. So could you take it like a
JEE mains 2022 is closer than it appears. Hence it is time to get your focus straight. Stay
hydrated and work hard because it’s a journey that will teach you a whole lot more than just
some concepts in physics, mathematics, and chemistry.
We wish you all the best for JEE main 2022 from everyone here at A2Zphysics Ahmedabad.

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