What to expect with 95 percentile in jee 2021

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The jee mains 2021 journey is towards its final stage now. Your journey of giving entrance exams and working hard to get into your dream college is towards its end. 

This year jee mains was conducted in four phases, with results coming out in September. Many students started preparing for jee advance. 

With the final results of jee advance comes the anticipation of finding out where you all will spend your next four years of college life. With the entire scoring system changing to percentile, many students face hard times accurately judging their ranks and what they can expect.

Now given the data this year, over 10.48 lakh students applied for jee mains. Getting 95 percentile may sound like an excellent score, but here comes the magic of the English language. It’s percentile and not the percentage. Hence 95 percentile may not be a superior rank, given the number of students who appeared for the examination.

Let’s analyse! Out of these 10 lakh students, who gave jee mains, if you are getting 95 percentile, your rank would be somewhere around 43 thousand. Which, to be honest speaking, can hardly fetch you any seat in top IITs or NITs. A score above 98 percentile is the only hope for a seat in decent IITs, NITs, or IIITs. A score of 99 percentile is what you need to land in one of the top colleges in our country for Btech.

Now, you have an option to prepare again and get a seat in the top colleges in your next attempt.  But if you are planning to weigh your options with your current score, this blog is for you.

95 percentile may fetch you a seat in some departments, such as chemical, metallurgy, or biotech engineering in the northeastern NITs. But that trend also changes from year to year.

There are many other state government colleges in the country, some with an even higher NIRF ranking than some NITs or IIITs.

Given are some colleges that you can apply to with 95 percentile.

  1. Lower rank NITs with a decent stream
  2.  Higher rank NITs with lower stream
  3. GFTIs (Government funded technical institutes)
  4. State engineering colleges

There are few things that you should consider before deciding on a college. As you will be learning a lot from those four years, make sure you get the best out of your score.

Prioritise your stream rather than your college name

Your stream is going to stay with you for the rest of your career. It will decide which field you will work in and how far you will succeed in it. Prioritise the stream, not your college’s name. Glitz and glamour shouldn’t be trespassing over your preliminary decision. Make a balance between the choice of stream and the college brand.

Always inquire about the faculty section.

Always and always run a check on the faculty that will guide you for your next four years and years beyond. Faculty with a good teaching and research background would help you discover the fantastic world of engineering and push you in the right direction. Get information on their faculty-to-student ratio. The number of permanent faculties and their qualifications should also be taken under consideration. Anything below a Mtech is a major red flag.

Placement Policy and history

It is not uncommon to see 100% placement records and promises. The final placement has many factors affecting it. Be very aware and check their actual tie-ups with the industries. Alumni records and feedback for the college can help you to get an accurate picture.

Facilities on the ground

Much like false promises on placements, college brochures many a time exaggerate the facilities they provide. We, as millennials, know how things can differ from pictures to reality. Know their labs, internet bandwidth, libraries, hostels, mess facilities, sports facilities, and much more. A good choice would be a college existing at least for 10 to 15 years. Get the ground reality and make a decision.

With this, a little parting note from our side. We know that jee mains was their first interaction with an all-India examination for many people and may not have scored the desired score. It’s not the end. 

You will have many chances in the future to use your perseverance and ability to do the hard work. The qualities that you have learnt during your preparation time will help you excel. Hang on tight, and welcome to the new phase of your life. 

Like Monica said, “Welcome to the real world, it sucks. You are going to love it”.

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